Removing Barriers, Building Engagement, Transforming Space, Informing Community Engagement and Development Practices

Planners need to voice how to make our cities healthier, more spatially-just, and more sustainable. In the end, as we reset all city systems, we must recognize that we are ultimately the city we become. Dr. Cherie Enns, RPP

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The Global Community Lab (University of the Fraser Valley) is focused on building connections to develop sustainable solutions that promote spatial justice in urban communities. Our Mission, Vision and Values, Partners and Framework all edify a commitment to address challenges innovatively, inclusively, and collaboratively. While we commit to hearing the voices of all stakeholders, we prioritize the needs of those most affected by urban growth, spatial and design changes, especially children.

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Fraser Valley Food Systems (Fall 2020)

Chandigarh, India Child Friendly Cities (Fall 2020)

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“Design designs. We design our word, while our world acts back on us and design us”

– Anne-Marie Willis 2006

Check out this video: Arturo Escobar: Designs for the Pluriverse // Clark University Atwood Lecture. It talks about Cultural Studies of Design, rethinking change, Autonomous Design and the connection between land and Earth.