Rail District Community Market

Transforming Space to Promote Food Security “Food is a unifier” – Sherlyne Omangi, Participant Collaborative Planning to create Grassroots Change Nestled in the heart of a small community called Abbotsford in British Columbia, Canada, local creators, farmers and an array of entrepreneurs now have a space to showcase their products, facilitate knowledge-transfer and ultimately reachContinue reading “Rail District Community Market”

Using Tactical Urbanism to Empower Urban Farmers & Artisans

“I am happy and proud that a tactical urbanism prototype is happening here in my country” – Agnes Ruth Omollo Nairobi has a variety of micro and medium enterprises seeking to succeed as urban farmers, especially in the Makadara Sub-County. There are a variety of challenges faced by urban farmers in the Makadara Sub-County inclusiveContinue reading “Using Tactical Urbanism to Empower Urban Farmers & Artisans”