Uniting in SFU’s UniverCity

As a university student living in SFU’s UniverCity during COVID-19, I am extremely privileged. Not only do I have access to a safe home, feel financially secure, and have a strong support system, but I am also able to use UniverCity’s public spaces which helped maintain my physical and mental health. Beyond the immediate effectsContinue reading “Uniting in SFU’s UniverCity”

Inclusive ‘Third Places’ on Capitol Hill

“We have the potential to create an inclusive future. Our future lies in understanding the needs of people” – UNESCO My Neighbourhood I want to begin by acknowledging that I am fortunate to live in a very privileged neighbourhood where most residents are within walking distance of transit, groceries, local produce, trails, bike routes, recreationalContinue reading “Inclusive ‘Third Places’ on Capitol Hill”

Rail District Community Market

Transforming Space to Promote Food Security “Food is a unifier” – Sherlyne Omangi, Participant Collaborative Planning to create Grassroots Change Nestled in the heart of a small community called Abbotsford in British Columbia, Canada, local creators, farmers and an array of entrepreneurs now have a space to showcase their products, facilitate knowledge-transfer and ultimately reachContinue reading “Rail District Community Market”

Using Tactical Urbanism to Empower Urban Farmers & Artisans

“I am happy and proud that a tactical urbanism prototype is happening here in my country” – Agnes Ruth Omollo Nairobi has a variety of micro and medium enterprises seeking to succeed as urban farmers, especially in the Makadara Sub-County. There are a variety of challenges faced by urban farmers in the Makadara Sub-County inclusiveContinue reading “Using Tactical Urbanism to Empower Urban Farmers & Artisans”

Will Cities Around the World Will evolve after Pandemic

Junyu Xiang/ June 27, 2020/ Blog post This summer, I took Geo 464 to learn graphic design at multiple levels; I’ve chosen to develop the topic of culture and arts influential city designing during and after the pandemic. It’s undeniable that urbanization is one of the most important driving forces for human social and economicContinue reading “Will Cities Around the World Will evolve after Pandemic”

Covid-19 Impacts and the Future of Cities

GEOG/GD 464 Student Summer 2020 Local cities have been doing their part to help stop the spread of Covid-19. Some of the main focuses have been on food and transportation, physical distancing, and access to clean water and basic sanitization. Throughout this class, we have explored both locally, and internationally the difficulties and resiliencies thatContinue reading “Covid-19 Impacts and the Future of Cities”

Coronavirus Pandemic: Looking For Hope In Despair

GEOG/GD 464 Student Summer 2020 Due to the current pandemic situation, the normal operation and development of many cities have been affected. The COVID-19 epidemic has turned most cities in the world into a wilderness (Constable, 2020). China and the United States are the absolute hardest hit areas in this disaster. Wuhan, China is the sourceContinue reading “Coronavirus Pandemic: Looking For Hope In Despair”

Pandemic and urban future

GEOG/GD 464 Student Summer 2020 The pandemic will have an impact on the city’s future planning. During COVID-19, many cities exposed design shortcomings. Some basic functions of the city cannot function properly during the pandemic, which has caused many countries and regions to reconsider the design and operation of the city. Of course, the pandemicContinue reading “Pandemic and urban future”