The Global Community Lab reflects the collective efforts of their partners who help maintain, support and drive projects that help in our communities. Thank you to the varied and visionary organizations who make it all possible!

Dr. Cherie Enns, RPP, MCIP 

Department of Geography & the Environment School of Land Use & Environmental Change

Is a registered urban planner and experienced educator with a focus on applied field based learning, internships, global hybrid and studio courses. Cherie has initiated and led international studio and applied projects related to child rights, food systems, climate change place making, sustainable development goals(SDGs), urban planning policy, tactical urbanism and youth engagement. Successful past studio projects include Abbotsford Laneway Initiative, Farm and Food Collective Rail District Farmers Market and the Jericho Hall, Nairobi Food and Culture initiative. She has experience managing programs, mobilizing resources, and working on projects in several countries including Kenya, Tanzania, Uganda, South Sudan, Somalia, and India. She has more recently led several humanitarian projects within the Eastern Africa Community. She holds an MA in Community and Regional Planning and a Ph.D. in International Policy and Program Management at Ardhi Regional University in Tanzania.

Cherie also leads a Universities Canada QES Internship program, has worked on housing projects and assisted with the coordination of many international and community events. She has worked on local projects related to homelessness and affordable houses as well as child and youth policy.  She is currently an Associate Professor at the University of the Fraser Valley, School of Land Use and Environmental Change.

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 M.A Environmental Planning & Management 

Is a graduate environmental planner currently pursuing her Master of Arts in Environmental Planning and Management at the University of Nairobi, Kenya. Her area of research is on urban farming and the environment focusing on the impact of the farmer in the urban and peri urban areas and the influence of the environment on the practice.

Veronicah is a registered licensed and privately practicing Environmental Impact Assessment and Audit expert with the National Environment Management Authority and the Environment Institute of Kenya in the past eight years. This guides her interest and passion in assessing the impacts of urban farming on the environment.

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 Ruth Agnes Omollo 

 M.A Environmental Planning & Management 

Miss Agnes R.O is an assistant architect at the State Department of Public Works, Nairobi, Kenya. She holds a Bachelor of Architecture degree from the Technical University of Kenya and is currently finalizing her masters degree in Environmental Planning and Management at the University of Nairobi. An alumnus of Queen Elizabeth Scholars (QES) from the University of the Fraser Valley, Canada, she uses her experiences to contribute to urban environmental solutions including but not limited to the quest for food security.

She is a brilliant mind with strong research, design, writing, planning and interpersonal skills. When not working, Agnes enjoys team building, hiking, volunteering, traveling, blogging, photography, music, dance, fashion and keeping up with trends.

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for your continued support, enthusiasm, dedication and passion. You truly make a difference in our lives and communities.