“Studio courses and tactical urbanism inform policy and affect change.”


These planning studio courses have the vision to use public spaces for families, groups and individuals of all ages to enjoy. Creating a space that promotes diversity, community and sustainability. While drawing focus on temporary interventions to bring improvements to our local neighbourhoods, mitigate risks for both citizens and municipal officials. Generating these initiatives will benefit the community socially, environmentally and economically.

Please view blog posts and details from our internship program at https://ufvfoodsecurityinternship.wordpress.com

Please see a video below of student presentations from the Studio Pandemic Course UFV June 2020 and a story from the Nairobi Food Market Studio Course in Feb. 2020.

Summer 2021

Amazing course— GD and Geog 464

Please note we are partnering with a social justice community art project this May 2021.

This idea scheduled for 2021.

Child Policy Planning
Dar es Salaam

October 2020

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photo of two laughing women holding hand while standing near graffiti wall

Pavement Mural
Downtown Abbotsford

Fall 2020

More details to follow

Virtual Planning Studio
50097 GEOG 464 | 50091 GD 464
Summer 2020

Nairobi, Kenya

This Urban Planning Studio (UPS) Course will build on the foundational success of past studio courses and City Lab projects inclusive to the Rail District Market in Abbotsford, Canada. The methodology of the UPS course introduces planning practice based on real-world neighborhood planning, from problem definition to data collection and analysis concluding with client presentation. Analyses and recommendations are presented in oral presentations and written reports.

The multidisciplinary team of Graduate and Doctorate students will have the opportunity to collaboratively develop planning solutions to real situations confronted by communities, local government, and public service organizations with limited technical assistance resources. The studio participants will be guided by university supervisors and community professionals.

The focus in Nairobi is to partner with Makadara sub-county agriculture office, farmers and other community partners to participate in visioning and planning for integrating children and youth into their activities and organizing an event at the Jericho Social Hall that is focused on this demographic as well as addressing urban food security and social issues. Students will be trained to apply the technique of Tactical Urbanism, a term used to describe the creation of quick, low-cost changes to the built environment, usually in cities, intended to improve local neighbourhoods and city gathering places.

The UPS project will increase participation of residents and students who want to understand and improve urban food culture and inspire long term changes within Makadara, without waiting years for these changes to take place. Moreover, the UPS project will create an opportunity for experiential learning and knowledge-exchange that provides a platform for community members, students, professors, and development professors to have an open conversation about place-making in Nairobi.

We’d love to see more of these events in our vicinity. Which is hugely associated with crime and other land vices. At least after every 3 months so that budding youth groups like out Green Alive Jericho would improve and positively affect our society. Otherwise thank you for this initiative.

 Ruth Agnes Omollo 

The Rail District
Market Preview Night

Summer 2018

The Rail District was created to bring together community, local agriculture, food, tactical urbanism, and planning. Using these techniques students brought a short-term, low-cost and scalable event to life. Giving local business and citizens the opportunity to grow together and celebrate in each other’s successes.

The Lawn Laneway

Summer 2017

The Lawn Laneway Project aimed to use tactical urbanism to create a space that promotes diversity, community and sustainability. By utilizing the laneways in Downtown Abbotsford for families, groups and individuals of all ages to enjoy. The project plan focused on temporary interventions to bring improvements to local neighbourhoods, mitigating risks for both citizens and municipal administrations.

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